The AB Philosophy


The foundation of our clinic is the premise of fun and competition, these principles allow for us to design drills, stations, and games that naturally promote the skills we are looking to teach to the players. In simple terms the players think they are just playing games as they are developing skills and habits to be successful within the game of hockey. Players are placed within small groups taking into consideration skill and age in order to allow for players to be pushed outside of their comfort zone but also to gain confidence in their own ability. This area is specifically designed to help the youth level players to work on motor skill training on and off the ice. We provide station-based training that allows them to work on coordination, hand eye, balance, and processing all while having fun with their friends and making many of the situations a small competition. They learn by doing, failing, processing, and doing it again.



This section is designed to include a multitude of areas that allow the athletes to understand the deepest part of the game in which gives them the ability to perform at their best. There will be handouts, group exercises on team involvement as well as interactive discussions to open the players eyes of the commitment level and effort to succeed. It is not just about stepping on the ice but developing an understanding of the BIG picture. Athletes succeeding in life whether on the ice or not but let’s use hockey as the vehicle to thrive in whatever they choose to do.